In today’s world stress levels seems to cross the pollution levels. In the corporate world we breathe in an environment which promotes competition, encourages employees to break the barriers, create new benchmarks and meet deadlines. All this contributes to higher stress levels both in professional and personal lives.

Stress is a response to pressure. One person’s idea of pressure may be another person’s driver. It could be argued that most of us need some pressure in order to maximize our performance or effectiveness. Some situations could be described as distress whereas others could be thought of as eustress or “good” stress. Our own perceptions are the difference between the two. There is no doubt that too much stress can drive us into physical, mental and emotional exhaustion but the researchers also state that having too little stress can also be a problem. If we are not stretched or committed, we can become bored, sluggish and lethargic. The importance of striking a balance is emphasized. Stress is not always negative. It may also bring out the best in individuals at times. It may induce an individual to discover innovative and smarter way of doing things.

Must attend if you:

  • Don’t feel like going to work in the morning or you want to leave early everyday

  • Are experiencing deterioration in work performance

  • Have developed improper eating habits, excessive smoking and drinking and facing sleeplessness

  • Feel you are being targeted at work for your teams’ poor performance

  • Crib, over react, argue, get irritated and feel anxiety throughout the day

Benefits of the training course:

  • Know the Stress and Types of Stress / Identification of Stress

  • Enhance resiliency to meet challenges and recovering quickly in adversity

  • Focused mind/Stress Management

  • Coping Techniques

  • Improved quality of life

Duration: 1 Day

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