A problem is defined as the difference which exists between your current state and your desired state. Your problem is your need to close the gap between what you want and what you have got.

Any problem has 3 components: Givens, Goals and Operations. Givens are the facts or pieces of information presented to describe the problem, Goal is the desired end state of the problem and Operations are the actions to be performed to reach the goal.

Today problem solving is no longer an exclusive responsibility of those occupying the executive suite. As new and complex business challenges become more widespread, everyone in the organization is required to undertake the responsibility of solving problems. Today’s business environment dictates that all individuals in an organization need to be prepared and equipped to meet the problem solving challenge. For today’s organization, much like the past, successful problem solving translates into enhanced productivity and increased profit. The more efficiently, effectively, and quickly problems get resolved the greater the propensity for improved employee morale, enhanced production capabilities.

Must attend if you:

  • Need to overcome the problems that pulls you back in achieving your goal

  • Are unaware of the problem solving process

  • Think , you are not empowered enough to resolve a problem

  • Try and apply the same method to resolve all problems

  • Never try to uncover the cause and jump straight to problem solving

Benefits of the training course:

  • Defining the exact problem

  • Deciding on approach of solving the problem

  • Process of problem solving

  • Taking people along in the decision and its implementation

  • Evaluating and Refining the solution

Duration: 1 Day

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