Every time you have to present – whether to a large audience, sitting around a table or to a group of colleagues or others, you have the opportunity to make a powerful and memorable impact. These others may be part of your normal team or they may be people outside your circle. You may not feel confident to stand up and present yourself in such a setting. But you are required to do so, and you are expected to be good. Presenting doesn't have to be a matter of life and death... ...although at times it feels like it.

What is the most common Presentation Skills issue? The fact is that for most people - even experienced presenters - getting up and presenting in front of an audience can be a terrifying and even phobic experience. –

Yes! The number one phobia that most people share is making a presentation; speaking in front of a group of other people: colleagues, strangers, it doesn't seem to matter - it's scary.

Must attend if you:

  • Fail to balance verbal and non-verbal content

  • Are scared of people and their reaction

  • Feel anxiety and stress before public speaking

  • Lose confidence when questioned

Benefits of the training course:

  • Gain confidence

  • Use relaxation techniques

  • Handle difficult questions and situations

  • Clarity and conviction in communication

  • Building audience rapport with- Eye Contact, Vocal delivery and Body language

  • Controlling emotions

Duration: 1 Day

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