In today’s competitive world, we need exceptional influencing skills to persuade others. We need to craft compelling statements that enable us to connect emotionally with stakeholders at different levels. It is a must know for us both professionally and personally to get results through others regardless of our positional powers.

Influence: “have effect upon...action of person upon another... person exercising power.”- The Concise Oxford Dictionary

Influence is about learning to adapt your personal style, when you become aware of the effect you are having on other people while still holding onto your values and feelings. It is often about changing how others perceive you for the better. Within this, it is important to recognize that influencing is about moving things forward without pushing, forcing or telling others what to do.

Must attend if you:

  • Lack the ability to interact with people in any given situation

  • Find it difficult to build rapport with people around you

  • Think people form opinions based on your appearance, body language and mannerism

  • Often end up in “ Yes” and “No” as an answer during discussions

  • Are short of words and you try to Hmmmm

Benefits of the training course:

  • Nature of influence and your personal style

  • Different Styles of Influencing

  • Building Trust & Rapport

  • Being assertive in difficult group situations

  • Effective Questioning

  • Types of Listening

Duration: 2 Days

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