Facilitation as a method has been incorporated by many organizations and groups as a tool which enhances the integration, inclusion, involvement, participation and equality of all members that share the same organizational vision. Business and organizational dynamics have changed a great deal in the past years. There is a broader diversity of cultures, beliefs, Ways of working, interpersonal behaviors and response to situations and simulations.  There is also a much higher awareness of equality, the inclusion and the need for greater participation of people.

It is imperative in fast changing business environment that the leaders also play a role of facilitator to encourage discussions, honest expressions, respect for other opinions and work towards seeking mutual agreement.

A good facilitator (Manager) focuses on the subject, provides neutral perspective, help teams in achieving business aligned outcomes and give the team sense of accomplishment.

Leaders and Managers need to drive agendas and facilitation is the process that enables the supportive environment, promoting engagement and outcome.


Must attend if you:

  • Are in leadership or managerial role

  • Are a project manager with multiple stakeholders

  • Are a HR manager dealing with employee engagement

  • Are a team lead of any project

  • Are an entrepreneur doing business with diversified groups

  • Are a professional trainer

Benefits of the training course:

  • Know what facilitation is in your role

  • Styles of facilitation

  • Understanding group/team dynamics

  • How teams develop and working with diversified groups

  • Learning to listen

  • Learning participation

  • Difficult situations and conflicts in team

  • Planning and on spot decisions

  • Evaluating and assessing

Collaboration skills are currently in great demand to support the explosion of intra-sector and cross-sector working and partnerships.  To maximise the potential of good collaborative working, an understanding of how groups work and how to harness the group's creativity and energy is essential.   This course will build on your current experience and give you a greater understanding of group dynamics and numerous practical skills and techniques to facilitate meetings, groups and team work.

Duration: 2 Days

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