Essentials to Lead

A major challenge for leaders today is unlocking the potential of the people they lead- this is the challenge of breakthrough leadership. The beauty of leadership is that it is not only found among people at the top of the organizational hierarchy, but at all levels in an organization. Leadership is practiced to some extent by each and every one at some level, even though they are not assigned formal leadership positions. Leadership isn’t defined by the job title. It’s about developing the self, others and many more, it’s about perspective, style and alignment. It is a partnership between a leader and the people. It is a relationship that works well in sync when it comes to planning, organizing, implementing and eventually motivating, measuring and reviewing the work of the team. It is a process to influence and navigate people/teams through the common goal and visualize the same dream to be realized. While knowledge and skills directly contribute to the process, individual beliefs, values and ethics, affirms the intent.

Globalization is rapidly redefining today’s business environment. Leaders increasingly face escalating complexities, both in managing the business and its people. Vast opportunities for growth are emerging. While at the same time the pool of high performing talent capable of seizing those opportunities is shrinking. Those who can stay ahead of the rapid pace of change anticipate and take the lead in developing innovative strategies for the future, are likely to be the winning leaders. The fate of future business rests, in part on how well business leaders can anticipate change and changes their style of leadership with changing times and people.

Must attend if:

You think you are living and working in an increasingly fast paced, ever changing world and to succeed & excel in today’s business climate, it is imperative for a leader to consider and approach their roles differently than they have in the past. You feel that there is a need for you to display and demonstrate a different set of behavior to shape people and organizations to deliver better value.

You strongly feel that a lot needs to be done on alignment, encouragement, collaboration, motivation and people development.

This training course will help you understand and learn:

  • Managing Self and Others

  • Leadership Styles

  • Goal Setting- Planning & Organizing

  • Conflict Management

  • Delegation for people development

  • Feedback for higher performance

Duration: 2 Days

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