We know that - without customers there would be no sales, no profits, no business and no employment for us.

In today’s customer focused market place, service is a critical driver of customer retention and profitable growth. A key to ensuring the loyalty of customers lies in creating a predictably positive experience for them- all the time. Customers are a major resource. They feature in every aspect of business, are a vital part of it. Nurturing the customers is a great business strategy. Customer service is a marketable commodity. It is therefore incumbent on every business to ensure that their customer service quality is of the highest standard, with “excellence” being the primary objective.

Customer insight is a very important process of knowing what our customer’s priorities are than presuming to know. Knowing what our customers actually want means that we deliver a service that suits their needs rather than expecting the customer to adapt to the business needs of ours.

“Customer Service Excellence” strengthens skills and practices that allow individual employees to intentionally and consistently provide impeccable service to both internal and external customers.


Must attend if you:

  • Find it difficult to identify customer experiences and expectations

  • Often face irate and complaining customers

  • Aim for repeat business

  • Think customer perceptions are not easy to break

  • Are required to interact with different customer types

  • Are in an environment where growth depends on quality of service and speed of service

Benefits of the training course:

  • You will know the types of customers and how to deal with them

  • Customer Perceptions

  • Q2-S2 Formula (Quantity/Quality and Speed/spirit)

  • Customers- Satisfied Vs Loyal

  • Customer Handling Skills

Duration: 2 Days

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