Effective salespeople are essential and not optional for any organization to survive and sustain results in a challenging and fast changing environment. Product knowledge alone is not enough these days and yes sales people aren’t just selling products. Look around. Your computer, your car, your jewelry, your eyeglasses, and your cell phone—many of the things you own—were probably sold to you by someone. Now, think about things you can’t see, like your cell phone service, your Internet service, and your car insurance. Chances are, those services were probably sold to you by someone as well. Now that you think about it, you can see that selling is involved in life in so many ways. Out in the world that runs entirely on selling- Ideas, Schemes, Business Offers, Services and Solutions we must admit that there is no such thing as a born sales person. Selling is a learned behavior. Selling is vital in all aspects of life be it personal or professional. Knowledge is important but we can’t ignore skills. Without the whole complement of skills, our sales people are unprepared and unarmed.

It cannot be stressed enough that it costs more NOT to train employees than to train them. Front line sales have the most influence on the profitability of your company and so does backend sales, by influencing customers and helping them with the right solution. There are some people who might think of selling as a high-pressure encounter between a salesperson and a customer. Years ago, that may have been the case in some situations. But in today’s world, successful selling is not something you do “to” a customer, it is something you do “with” a customer. The customer has a voice and is involved in most selling situations.

Must attend if you or your team feels:

  • Selling isn’t easy and there are better offers in the market than what we provide

  • Once sold, the customer should not connect with me for service

  • It isn’t a smooth ride to convince customer on my product/service, customer has many objections. I know-all, but it doesn’t sell

  • Customers buy the feature and discounts

  • Selling is a technique and not a process

This training course will help you understand and learn:

  • Psychology of Selling

  • General Skills for every sales person- Listening, Communication, Problem Solving and Self-Motivation

  • Basic Selling Process

  • Partnering and maintaining customer relationships

Duration: 2 Days

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