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You are the one with distinct qualities in the field of Training & Development and that’s what made to visit here. You are surely at the place wherein you have a great opportunity to unleash your peak potential. That’s brand “Excellential” for you. Here is a prospect for you to be a part of Excellential and to create more inspiring experience for yourself and for others around you.   If you believe you have relevant experience of facilitation and training in the field of Learning and Development with adequate knowledge of latest trends in this area and have belief and confidence that YOU can make a DIFFERENCE, then Excellential welcomes you to walk the success path together.

With us, you have an opportunity to deal into Need Identification, Contents, Training Delivery and Assessment. At Excellential, there is a real commitment to “Excellence Essentials”

Being Associate Trainer at Excellential is not just Training; it definitely provides you a chance to create everlasting impression through your training delivery on continuous basis. It isn’t about short term results; it’s about building everlasting trusted bond with clients.

Our associate trainers simply love to say:

  1. I am neutral and non-judgmental, I am culturally sensitive. I know my audience, I know my subject matter, I am inclusive, I am flexible and I understand group dynamics

  2. I as a trainer, focus more on action learning to produce qualitative and quantitative results from trainings

  3. I deliver what is realistic to participants current situation

  4. I provide demonstrable value to the participants

  5. I encourage and coach for performance

  6. I have a strong mental and emotional composure

  7. I strongly believe in continuous self development

If you are credible, responsible, convincing, challenging, reliable, resourceful, demonstrative, relevant and a leader, Excellential is keen to avail your expertise.


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