BOOTing- Bond Over Outbound Training

The learning modules have moved from conventional class room training to Do and Learn, i.e. Outbound trainings. This is a new approach towards work and most of the corporate houses are addressing the need for interpersonal skills, team bonding and trust building through well designed result focused outbound trainings.

The concept of Experiential learning is now well recognized and acknowledged by organizations. They understand the importance of mutual trust and respect among members of the team and that the happy employees make good companies GREAT.

It is observed during the outbound trainings that participants display their natural behavior while participating in the activities, hence giving an opportunity to People Managers to evaluate their team in such simulations. At Excellential we highly recommend outbound trainings for Strategy formulation, Strategy evaluation, Action planning, Implementation, Change in environment, Policy or operational changes, Leadership change and Performance ranking.

Outbound trainings give your people an opportunity to strengthen their behavior and adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, unpredictable situations, and stretched uncomfortable zones. The experiential learning helps them cope up with different behaviors in any situation.

“Kurt Matthias Robert Martin Hahn” an educator from Germany, due to the ills of modern life, believed in the need for real, hands-on, practical challenges for the development of personality. One phrase Hahn used to sum up the philosophy of his educational programs was, "there is more in you than you think"

We, at Excellential, have the industry’s best outbound programs, which cater to all functions, verticals, levels and domains. With us, participants learn a deep appreciation of the balance between risk, reward and responsibility. We offer outdoor programs under 3 categories:

  1. Apprentice Development

    1. Self Awareness and management

    2. Actions and Consequences

    3. Goal Setting

    4. Developing communication and relationship building skills

  2. Team Development

    1. Team Formation

    2. Moving from good to great performance

    3. Establishing objectives

    4. Cross functional bonding

  3. Leadership Development

    1. Taking the responsibility of delivery and performance

    2. People leadership

    3. Managing Change

    4. Creating high performance culture

We work closely with each client to identify the particular attitudes, skills and behaviors they want to address and we design a program that can shape these.

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