Our Team

We are a team of dreamers, planners, strategists, value creators, doers and believers, fueled by passion! To sum up, we are a powerhouse.

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Pooja Singh


Began her career in sales and later moved to learning and development for her passion of being with people and contributing to society by nurturing talent. She strongly believes in enduring adversity to create profound opportunities. She is known for transforming individual lives and businesses. 

She has served in the Automobile, FMCG, Retail and Telecom sectors. Having worked with the best corporate houses for more than 15 years, she has extensive exposure to learning and development and has a keen sense of building capabilities. She has successfully managed the introduction of new businesses, products and policies. She firmly believes in the human element of life and business decisions and applies this in all aspects. She focuses on practical application of learning and has compiled an enviable record of accomplishing business objectives by aligning trainings.

She specializes in business improvement trainings, behavioral profiling, competency mapping, assessment centres and people development. Customer and People focused, Pooja’s skill set has led numerous teams to achieve their potential and she is deeply committed to helping others on their journey towards excellence in both business and personal achievement.

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Ankita Rudra


Ankita Rudra emphasizes on Production Capability Initiatives that needs to be driven as a culture. She firmly believes that only such efforts will result into quality of production, that are relevant to Real Life Expectation.

In her career of 15+ years, Ankita started in sales but soon became a name in L&D fraternity for conducting high energy workshops at all levels across organizations and large corporate houses. She is known for her experiential learning interventions that impacts business outcome. 

She has great amount of training experience in Sales, Customer service, Retail as well as Behavioral & Leadership trainings.  Ankita is certified on Behavioral Intervention and also a Certified Assessor, Certified ITIL, Six Sigma and Malcolm Baldridge Model.

She believes, the important things in life are those that encourage and promote life-long learning. A vibrant speaker who combines know-how, humor, real life experiences and situations to make a mark in the workshops he delivers.

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Chinmay Chatterjee

Senior Consultant

Chinmay is a practicing Leadership Coach for Corporate Executives and Business owners. He facilitates various workshops and Trains Corporate Executives and Business Leaders to improve Productivity, Relationships, Goal-Setting, Time Management, Leadership, Negotiation Skills, work/life balance etc.

Chinmay has been working at internationally reputed companies like HSBC, TATA, and British Council for about 27 years. He has worked in various senior professions and responsibilities. During his tenure in Corporate he has contributed towards Leadership Development, Strategy for Organizational Growth, Cost Optimization, Internal Process and Productivity improvement etc. His passion is to promote Organizational Performance, Productivity by making people aware of self and others through interactive workshops and Leadership development through Coaching and Mentoring.  As a successful leader himself he has guided and mentored a large number of people irrespective of culture, geography, designation during last 28 years.

He is a versatile professional with added credentials like, Executive Coach - Erickson College, Canada, Executive Coach -NeuroLeadership Group,Hogan Certified Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, Hogan Certified Coach and Certified in LSIP (Large Scale Interactive Process). 

He has been consulting organizations on Balanced Score Card, Performance Management, Talent Development and Employee Engagement.

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Gaurav Behl

Senior Facilitator- Life Transformation

Gaurav is a Transformationalist, a professional Life coach and an Up-lifter. He is a "Certified International Heal Your Life Coach" and Workshop Leader, a Law of Attraction practitioner and an Angel healer and Card Reader.Gaurav has more than 15 years of experience in the field of HR he has been deeply impressed and inspired by the work of Louise Hay- who helped his life transform.

The transformation in his life inspired him to hear his 'soul's calling' and he wants to bring light to individual lives. He practices what he teaches and is extremely passionate and committed to assisting people in their inner journey and overcome obstacles in personal lives- particularly related to relationships, money and health. He is also inspired by the works of Yogananda Paramhansa, Abraham Hicks, Neale Donald Walsch And Dr. Wayne Dyer.

He is an accomplished International Life Coach certified in the UK and has been helping people on a individual level as well. It is his endeavour to empower as many people as possible to improve the quality of their lives and introduce them to the magnificence of spirit that they truly are and to the spark of the divine creative potential in them.

He has assisted multitudes of people in making breakthroughs in personal lives. He facilitates workshops for corporates to enhance employee productivity.

Gaurav, through his "Law of Attraction" workshops and Affirmation techniques have helped people in realizing their personal freedom and the ability to do what they want to do. He constantly is in process of making people aware that the power of attraction is verifiable, observable and operating in your life.

What signal or feelings are you vibrating? Look around. All you see is a result of what you feel. You and your life are one whole: inseparable. To change your life, you must change HOW you feel and see it.- Gaurav Behl.