Our Story

On a hot and humid evening as thunderclouds rolled up in the sky, an insightful debate raged on over multiple cups of hot chai. Do our people really have the right skills to do the job or are we just relying on their knowledge and ability to perform? Yes, we do train our people to learn the behaviors that are required in their jobs, but does it really help? Should we focus on imparting knowledge, skills and behaviors or should we be looking at the very essentials that make people excel at what they do?

Thus over a two hour long discussion came a realization that we are not only passionate about training, but we love the people we train and we want to see them excel. From this little seed that had taken root during that first monsoon shower, sprang Excellential. We realized that if companies have to succeed, they will continue to need more empowered, more mature, more motivated and more inspired talent to keep them going amidst this tough competition. That “experiential learning” is more than just a term; it is something that will dictate the way businesses work in the future. We were convinced and we were motivated .Over the next six months we discovered a few Organizations that recognized that, when you invest in building the capabilities of your people, they not only excel at what they do but they take the business to hitherto unchartered levels of success.

Thus began a successful three way partnership: Us, Organizations and the People we so dearly love. We at Excellential believe in learning by doing and yes we love what we do. Yes, and lest it was not already clear, we train for the real world. We just don’t make people do things, we do it with them. We not only build capabilities at all levels by using interesting methodologies and learning’s that one can apply easily; we impart the “Excellence Essentials”.