Our Philosophy

So what’s the secret sauce that makes up “Excellence Essentials”? We don’t just stir people and knowledge in the cauldron that is a training room, we light up our participants with a spark in their minds that will make them do their best. No, we don’t have a magic potion. Instead we work hard to partner with you and understand your goals.

We like to share your goals and live it with you. Only when people see us believe in the goals, will they believe in what we prescribe. We don’t believe in Interventions, we believe in Rejuvenation. Back to basics is where we start from and we believe it will be therapeutic. We believe in building skills that will last outside of the training room by force of habit, as sure as second nature. What you learn by experience becomes muscle memory. Your experience with us is MOST important and we want to make that experience contagious. Let’s go spread it.

We don’t just coach neither are we simply mentors. We are transforming agents, and what we impart is something that remains with our participants all their life. For all that to succeed, the trainer must be nothing short of inspirational. Why is it that you still remember that middle school English teacher or that high school Math teacher? It’s because they not only taught you what you remember today, but in a way they gave a part of them in making you what you are. We don’t think we can take their place, but our job will be well done, if you remember us three or five years hence.