At Excellential, we understand the importance for business to develop requisite knowledge, skills and Attitude through effective trainings that impacts positively on business. But we also know that training content plays an important role when you think of training effectiveness.

We provide tailored content services to business houses and corporate customers that suit the need and is interactive in nature. The process of developing customized content involves training need identification and analysis, module design, methodology, take-away handbook, case studies, experiential activities and the most essential; level of impact measurement.

Our approach to instructional design focuses on outcome of the training, as companies are looking to fuel the growth by enhanced employee productivity through customized training solutions. We concentrate on providing crisp content that gives better interactivity, engagement and is high on knowledge transfer. We assure our clients of world class instructor led content that encourages participants to apply learning in daily operations.

The fundamentals we focus while we develop the content-

  • Relevance- Alignment with business objectives and its job applicability

  • Sustainability- Acceptance of participants and consistency in expected behaviors and outcomes

  • Blended Learning- Training methodology that delivers experience and sets measured outcome

Content Development Process we follow:

  • Planning- Training need, Job Need, Manpower Strength and Level

  • Analysis- Critical success factors of Knowledge, Skill and Behavior, current and desired level of CSF’s

  • Design- Objective, Training plan, Methodology, Duration, Inclusions

  • Development- Training modules, handbook, Facilitator guide, case studies, pre-read (if required), measurement metric, Pilot program, integration of learning

  • Implementation- Training Delivery, trained employees, knowledge delta and experience feedback

  • Evaluation- Training impact measurement against set objective and integration

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