Weaknesses are as Important as Strengths

By Priyadarshini Samudre

14 Jul 2015

Image of a perfectionist - Hard to get, harder to keep!

We keep perfecting ourselves using our strengths to its maximum potential and gradually there comes a time when we encounter our weaknesses.  Most of us get disheartened and discouraged to combat weaknesses, but feel this no more. Because in this blog you would not only learn how to optimise on weaknesses, but also, how they are equally important as your strengths.

If strength defines our map then weakness expands it.  It is obvious that strength gives you confidence.  Now, imagine what weaknesses can do for you? For a moment look back into your past and relive the moment when you overcame your weaknesses, it would have expanded your confidence.  You must have stepped into a new arena and not only expanded your map but also your potential with this experience.  You would agree with me that weakness is an opportunity to strengthen ourselves in disguise.

A perfectionist keeps perfecting herself, not only using her strengths, but also by overcoming her own weaknesses.  Each time you do this, you are getting close to excellence in various dimensions, and very soon weakness will become a window to new opportunity.  The only magic words you need to remember are “Weakness is not a weakness – but a chance given by life to expand, to grow exponentially towards Excellence”.

So, be a dare-devil and become aware of your weaknesses, because they are your road-ways to expansion of your potential.  Overcome them and unleash the power within you.  After all it is the weakness that keeps you humble and humane.  Life is meant to be abundant and lived with immense confidence – granted to you by your weaknesses and your strengths.

Author: Priyadarshini Samudre

Author- MindTransformer