Connecting Disconnected workforce through training

By Sumit Singh

10 Jun 2015

Everything in the world of business can be copied. It is just a function of time, money & willingness of the management to do so. Then why does one organization do better than the other organization in a similar situation is a question worth inquiring. 

My basic understanding is that a team of one organization cannot be copied by other organization. It is the team that makes the difference. Managing a workforce is a science as well as an art. 

If the workforce is disconnected then the attrition would be high. Employees will leave the organization with a grudge. A new joinee will get the negative filler from the day one and he will also be oe the path of exit from day one itself. This is a vicious cycle and it will continue till the organization makes some investment to change the cycle. Of all types of investment including monetary and non-monetary, training is one of the most valuable investments to reverse the situation. 

But there is a challenge. Training is not only a monetary investment. There has to be a complete buy-in at all levels and it has to be treated as one of the solutions to the business problem the organization is facing. This can be assessed quickly by just looking into the % attendance and how the managers treat the training.  But when it is executed with the right spirit the results are amazing. 

One of the cautions that have to be taken while executing is the buying-in of the business. The training should provide some sort of solution to the problem that the team is facing. It should be connected to the audience and not just a one delivered by someone. That is where the engagement between the business and training team (internal or external) comes into picture. 

I am a part of the transformation team in my current organization and we have taken this up seriously. In just 6 months of execution, we have started seeing a visible difference in business. Attrition is going down, achievement is going up, language of the team is becoming more positive, competition has started recognizing the change.

But we have to still have to cover a long distance in this journey to build a successful organization.

Author: Sumit Singh

Sumit Singh