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Dumb Charades A Mantra for Teamwork & Capability Building

By Samrat Sinha

30 Sep 2016

We all know that 'Dumb Charades' is a word guessing name and playing it adds a lot of exhilaration to private bashes. The beauty of the game is that one can involve kids, teens or people of all age groups and everyone can have a delightful time. This…

New vistas in the Training and Capability Building domain

By Samrat Sinha

01 Jul 2016

Not so long ago the training function in organizations was looked upon as a mere chore to be completed or rather sleepwalked through. The content was more often than not, hackneyed with little or no modifications between versions. With the advent of…

Leadership lessons from a Gynecologist

By Samrat Sinha

17 Dec 2015

The Millennial Corporate world has been swathed by the deluge of learnings from diverse fields. In the last decade or so we have been inundated with “management gyan” from myriad sources, be it celebrity sportspersons espousing the need for teamwork…

Employee Engagement Through Experiential Trainings

By Varun Rajagopalan

06 Oct 2015

Most of you reading this article would certainly have heard about this great conversation that occurred between John F. Kennedy and a janitor in NASA when the first moon expedition was under process. The lore goes on something like this – When asked…

Productivity Enhancement Through Training

By Varun Rajagopalan

23 Sep 2015

The only aspects of concern to any business stakeholders across all industries are the top-line and bottom-line figures and how to keep them improving. This in turn creates a sustained competitive advantage for a business. Either way, it is all about…

Puppets Are We!

By Gaurav Behl

03 Aug 2015

I remember having conversations with my mother where she would express her views and philosophy that all in life is predetermined and we are merely puppets. So, puppets are we? Ask and she will tell you that ‘its…

Why Startups Must Train Their Manpower!

By Pooja Singh

16 Jul 2015

Everyone who builds up a startup company knows that people are its most important asset. Successful start-ups place a great deal of emphasis on recruiting right and the interview process in order to build their talent base. Unfortunately, often the…

Weaknesses are as Important as Strengths

By Priyadarshini Samudre

14 Jul 2015

Image of a perfectionist - Hard to get, harder to keep!

We keep perfecting ourselves using our strengths to its maximum potential and gradually there comes a time when we encounter our weaknesses.  Most of us get disheartened and discouraged to…

Power of Trust

By Pooja Singh

10 Jun 2015

A little girl and her father were crossing a bridge. The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter,
'Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don't fall into the river.'
The little girl said, 'No, Dad. You hold my hand.' 'What's…

Connecting Disconnected workforce through training

By Sumit Singh

10 Jun 2015

Everything in the world of business can be copied. It is just a function of time, money & willingness of the management to do so. Then why does one organization do better than the other organization in a similar situation is a question worth…

Building Capabilities

By Samrat Sinha

10 Jun 2015

Not many years ago Mr. Pushy was seen as the ultimate leader- the no-nonsense task master. His aggression and pushiness were hailed as the bellwether qualities that could make all subordinates perform. If a job had to be done, it had to be done…