An assessment centre is an event not a location. The purpose of a centre is to obtain the best possible indication of a person’s actual or potential competence to perform in the target job/level of responsibility.

Assessment and/or Development Centres focus on the systematic and objective identification of behaviors of an individual for the purposes of selection, placement, promotion, development, career management, succession planning and training.

The Assessment and Development Centre method is now regarded as one of the most accurate and valid assessment procedures and is used globally for both selection and development. Many organizations recognize that selection and development procedures for their people are of paramount importance in order to achieve competitive advantage. Increasingly, they are turning to the Assessment Centre approach, which delivers many benefits.

How it is done at Excellential-

Participants take part in a variety of exercises observed by a team of trained assessors who evaluate each participant against a number of predetermined, job related behaviors. Assessments are behaviorally based and several participants are observed together. Simulation exercises will typically be used in combination with other assessment techniques to ensure comprehensive coverage of attributes and skills, and to increase reliability of measurement. Decisions are then made by pooling shared data.

A carefully constructed and well-run Assessment or Development Centre can provide a number of benefits to an organization seeking to improve its approach to the selection and development of their employees, which in turn can identify and predict key behaviors in the workplace that transform people performance

Use Of Assessment Centre for an Organization-

  • Recruitment & Promotion

  • Early Identification of Potential

  • Diagnosis of training and development needs

  • Organizational planning

  • Restructuring

Techniques that we have expertise in-

  • Presentation

  • Fact Finding

  • Role Plays

  • In-Tray exercise

  • Competency based interview

  • Written analysis

  • Problem Solving

  • Psychometric assessment


We at Excellential can help you establish the objective of the process i.e Assessment Centre event, design and develop the simulations and methodologies to be deployed and can get you a clear and accurate specification of what, how, when of assessment centre.

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